Dental check-ups

Regular check-ups allow you to manage your oral health and guard against tooth and gum disease. We encourage you to come in for check-up, especially if you haven't seen a dentist in a while. It's in the best interests of your oral health and can save you money in the long run. Early detection is so much better than waiting until the pain gets unbearable and treatment becomes costly. A standard check-up at Happy Dental includes a full mouth examination, two digital X-rays and a full mouth scale and polish.


Why do I need regular dental checkups?

Early detection of tooth decay helps minimise the need for root canal treatment or tooth loss. Regular check-ups may very well save you money in the long term, by treating a problem before it becomes serious and costly. Regular examinations are ideally accompanied by a scale and polish -ensuring calculus is removed, and lowering the risk of gum disease. This is a major cause of tooth loss and most people do not realise when they have it. Oral infections can potentially cause damage to other parts of the body such as heart and artificial joints. Let's avoid this.

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