Happy Dental is owned and operated by Dr Sahba Rohani, assisted by a friendly team. Dr Rohani has been providing family dental care to the Hamilton community since 2008. His caring attitude, gentle demeanour and commitment to excellence make him a dentist of choice among local families.

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Dr. Sahba Rohani

Dr. Sahba Rohani, BDS (Otago)

Dr Rohani moved with his family from Iran to New Zealand in 1997. After completing his high school education in Dunedin, Dr Rohani attended Otago University where he graduated with a Bachelor of Dental Surgery. He later passed the National Board Dental Examination I and II in USA and returned to New Zealand to practice dentistry.

Dr Rohani initially worked in the public sector in Auckland, providing his services to the Oral-Maxillo Facial Unit at Greenlane and Middlemore hospitals. He became accomplished in hospital dentistry, oral surgery, oral medicine and emergency dentistry, and also attended to patients with special needs, including those with heart, kidney or liver conditions.

These experiences stood him in good stead for working in the private sector. Following three years in private practice in Auckland, Dr Rohani moved to Hamilton and became the proud owner of Relax Dental in 2008. Eleven years on, and keen to serve the needs of people in the city's south-east, he opened Happy Dental in Glenview.

Dr Rohani's personal approach to dentistry priorities these essential elements:

  • High quality and conservative treatments: All measures are taken to carry out treatment that meets the highest standards of professional dentistry.
  • Providing a caring and low-stress environment: Every effort is made to care for individual patients and minimise their stress as much as possible.
  • Retention: Doing the utmost to ensure all oral tissues remain intact, and in good shape and health. Good dentistry is about oral tissue, including bone, gingivae, teeth, salivary glands, muscles, nerves and the temperomandibular joint (TMJ). While each of these has its own specific function, they are designed to work in harmony. If one becomes compromised, then the rest may be damaged.
  • Prevention: Placing a strong emphasis on prevention to maintain a lifelong healthy mouth and smile.
Dr Joy Tu, BDS

Dr Joy Tu, BDS (Otago)

Dr. Joy Tu moved to New Zealand with her family when she was 11 years old. She mostly lived in Remuera and attended ACG Senior College before she graduated with a Bachelor of Dental Surgery from the University of Otago. As she was originally from Taiwan, she is fluent in both Mandarin and English.

Her primary interests within the field of dentistry lies in aesthetic dentistry because she likes to see her patients happy and she believes that everyone deserves a healthy smile. She is committed to developing a lasting relationship with her patients as she strives to always give the best treatment possible.

Outside of work, Joy likes to sew, over the years she has crafted a collection of bags, pencil cases and soft toys. She also especially loves baking particularly because it brings her great happiness seeing her friends and family smile over delicious dessert. Of course, she doesn’t forget to tell them to brush their teeth afterwards!

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